Our Low Fees

At La Bella Life, we respect that your Home Care Package funds are yours -

for you to enjoy your beautiful life.

We're proud to offer a super low management fee of  26% for fully managed care.


And most importantly, you’ll be cared for by locals.  We grew up here – we live here - we know here.

Compare fees across the South West - know what you're getting and how much you'll pay


Fully Managed Care

          Weekly                            Yearly

Your Home Care Package Funds

Our very low management fee - 26%

$    173

$      45

$   8,996

$   2,340

Weekly     Yearly

Your funds to spend on your beautiful life

$    128

$   6,656

One-off set-up fee at time of joining us:  $240 exGST

Exit Fee if you choose to leave us:  $0

Weekly    Yearly